Route Redistribution – Connected Networks

As soon as the redistribution (such as redistributing rip territory in the OSPF process) completes the diffusion command, Is definitely the redistributed tactic to extract the road corresponding towards redistribution method from the direction-finding table of your device which will performs the particular redistribution receive? Or would it be directly taken from the data bank of the equivalent route? Like the running table is usually learned by simply OSPF in the routeļ¼Œbut the road is also from the rip project. If it completes the partage command, does the route gain access to be redistributed?

The first question: Would be the redistributed ( blank ) to extract the road corresponding to your redistribution process from the observed in table belonging to the device which performs typically the redistribution demand?
Answer: Diffusion based on the redirecting table.
When you redistribute often the connected marketing networks in OSPF configuration involving R1, you can even examine the one on one routes throughout R1, then inject the exact direct channels into OSPF.

The second problem: If it completes the diffusion command, does the route access be redistributed?
Answer: When a route finds out from OSPF and DEAL TO, the POSTING value of OSPF is a hundred and ten and the LISTING value of TEAR is one hundred twenty. Therefore , that will route mastered by GRAB will not be charged into the course-plotting table. And so in this case it is be redistributed. You just recall one thing: merely the route admittance in direction-finding tables might be redistributed.