Solved: The Problem Of Creating Subinterface

Currently, let’s focus on the encapsulation problem connected with the problem of creating sub-interface.
1 . We should instead use 802. 1q so that you can encapsulate sub-interface to install IP when you configure the main one-arm running. Is it possible to work with any feature before encapsulation? Or could it be configured including configuring MTU? And can considerably more IP possibly be configured immediately after configuration?
It can be related to the actual model.

2. When establishing Frame Pass on, the Shape Relay will likely be encapsulated with subinterface. Will it be like a one-arm routing, Whether it is equipped without the need of packaging, manages to do it configure IP? or it could possibly not be constructed and made use of without whole packaging?
The router is a Stratum 3 system. Although the sub-interface is a internet interface, it can be a Layer three interface. The main Layer a few interface could not identify the outcome Frame together with the 802. 1q tag. The best way to identify Records Frame? You must configure encapsulation of 802. 1q for any sub-interface. In the event the frame goes in the sub-interface, the shape is removed off, hence the corresponding point will be shipped to the link in order to facilitate different switches in the event the router travels to other cadre. And other knobs can be known to be.

3. A real interface is definitely separated many sub-interfaces. Specifically this sub-interface look like previous to it is summarized? What is the change between the sub-interfaces and usual Layer 3 interface in addition to Layer 4 interface?
The actual sub-interface prescription medication same as the actual physical screen before it can be encapsulated. Even so the sub-interface is absolutely not configured without having encapsulation designation. So It are not called a sub-interface.